AGROKOS has become an advisor and loyal partner to thousands of local and international entrepreneurs and firms from the agribusiness sector who have exhibited and visited this event over the years.

Utilizing the geographic location in the center of the Balkans as well as the extensive network available at AGROKOS, the fair has become a key traditional and trade event continuously contributing to further development of the local and international manufacturing chain in the agribusiness sector. At the same time, AGROKOS has become a cooperation bridge between the business cooperation with European countries and beyond.

In parallel with the fair, CEO organizes various information and professional activities such as seminars, workshops, conferences which are attended by scientific and professional experts from the respective field which are dedicated to professional visitors.

As an important event in the country AGROKOS has always had close cooperation with Kosovo governmental institutions and foreign organizations that have current projects in the field of Agribusiness.

Last Edition of Agrokos Fair 2023

Statistics from the previous edition 2023


Local exhibitors


Foreign Exhibitors


Total number of exhibitors

Origin of exhibitor companies:

Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Germany

VISITOR information from AGROKOS22

Local Visitor Number Foreign Visitor Number
Trade visitors 7032 Trade visitors 1512
General visitors 1242 General visitors 64
Total local visitors 8274 Total foreign visitors 1576

Total visitors (local and foreign): 9850

Visitor origin:

Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, France