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20th Edition

21 - 22 October 2021

Emerald Convention Center
Prishtina, Kosova

EXPOKOS International Fair is a fair certified by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry - UFI, with headquarters in France

With over 16,000 participants so far, EXPOKOS Fair has become an important venue for the Balkans. Businesses that are located in the Balkans and those targeting the Balkan market are now meeting in EXPOKOS.

"EXPOKOS" as a special event is enriched with numerous activities. B2B meetings in the past editions at the EXPOKOS fair were rated as very effective and will continue to be an integral part of the fair in this edition as well.

With a large number of international pavilions, frequented by professional and entrepreneurial visitors, EXPOKOS is your ideal destination for joining potential customers from the fields of CONSTRUCTION, ENERGY, MACHINERY, SAFETY and SECURITY from the country and the region.
EXPOKOS is the right place to discover the various technological innovations, also a place that sparks the enthusiasm of future generation for these professionals of these fields.

Over 18 years of EXPOKOS experience, we are specializing in individual handling of our exhibitors, starting from market access, further, development to export opportunities.

  • Exhibition program

    Exhibitor can be all companies that produce or trade:

    • Building materials
    • Building systems and equipment
    • Chemical auxiliaries for the industry
    • Insulation, heating
    • Electrical installation
    • Sanitary ware, ceramic
    • Doors and windows
    • Metal processing
    • Interior and exterior designers
    • Facades and glass constructions
    • Natural stones
    • Elevators
    • Recycling
    • Different type of metals
    • Household and office furniture
    • Machinery for processing and producing furniture
    • Road construction
    • Road and park lighting
    • Kitchen, Household Appliances, Bathroom Furniture
    • Parquet flooring and wood decorations
    • Residential wooden houses, Wooden cottages
    • Banking institutions
    • Real Estate Companies
    • Engineering and Construction Company
    • Environmental company
    • Investment and Planning Companies
    • Designing company
    • Urban Planning Company
    • Insurance company
  • Exhibition program

    Exhibitor can be all companies that produce or trade:

    • Electric power industry
    • Alternative energy from: wind, water, solar, gas, coal, oil and fuel
    • Gas stations and bases
    • Ministries and institutions of energy
    • Mining and minerals
    • Smelting
    • Machinery for mineral processing
    • Machinery for opening mining halls
    • Drilling machinery
    • Mineral transporting machinery
    • Working tools and security equipment for mining
  • Exhibition program

    Exhibitor can be all companies that produce or trade:

    • Quality control equipment
    • Instruments and measuring machinery
    • Analytical apparatus
    • Automatic and robotic
    • Metals and non-metals equipment
    • Hydraulic equipment
    • Industrial machinery and equipment
    • Metallurgy, Foundry
    • Plastic and chemical industry
    • Manufacturers
    • Telecommunication companies
    • Transport and equipment for transport
  • Exhibition program

    Exhibitor can be all companies that produce or trade:

    • Access Control
    • Biometrics Technologies
    • Building Management Systems
    • Business Continuity Planning & Consulting
    • Certification & Quality Control
    • Command, Control, Communications & Information (C3I) Network
    • Commercial & Residential Security
    • Digital Surveillance Systems
    • Document Security
    • Emergency Alarm & Warning Systems
    • Exposives Management & Equipment
    • Guard Tour Systems
    • Hardware Security
    • Identification Devices & Systems
    • Information & Network Security
    • Intrusion Detection Devices & Systems
    • Lens & LCD Display
    • Networking Surveillance Systems
    • Packing, Moving & Storage Security
    • Perimeter Security
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Retail Security
    • Risk Assessment
    • Safes & Vaults
    • Screening & Inspection
    • Security Applications for Buildings
    • Security Glass & Film
    • Simulation & Training Aids
    • Smart Secure Homes
    • Specialist Textiles
    • Surveillance & Guarding Services
    • Telecommunication Software & Equipment
    • Threat Management
    • Tracking Devices & Systems
    • Trade Associations, Councils & Institutions

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